Human V’s Synthetic Wigs: Which one is right for you?

There are many benefits of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs all of which depend on what an individual is specifically looking for. These benefits will he explained in more detail below.

If you are an individual seeking a wig that stays in shape and one that requires little maintenance if any at all, a synthetic wig is the one for you. When purchased, synthetic wigs already have the body, style, colour and length that one is looking for. Exposure to sunlight, rain or severe wind will not affect the wig- it will remain, providing it is a good quality synthetic wig, as it was when it was purchased.

If however, you are an individual that would prefer a more natural, glossy looking wig that lasts longer than a synthetic wig, a human hair wig is for you. Human hair wigs look, feel and smell like real hair, and are treated in exactly the same way. One can colour, highlight, cut and style human hair wigs as they wish. Similar to real hair, when exposed to different climates such as sunlight the human hair wigs can change colour and their appearance. In general, human hair wigs require more maintenance than synthetic wigs and are more expensive.

Our salon offer both synthetic and human hair, top quality wigs.

We also offer tailored hairdressing services for human hair wigs including washing, cutting, styling and blow drys at competitive rates. We have professional salon staff that listen and put into action what customers want and dream of, using high-end products that are available for purchase.

If you are unsure as to which wig you would suit best, do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8202 5263 to book a free consultation at our salon. We are now open from Monday-Thursday 9.30-5pm and Fridays from 9.30-1pm. We are also available outside of these hours by appointments only.