About Us

Simmy’s Wigs was launched approximately 17 years ago. We serve the interests of ladies with any type of hair loss including alopecia and cancer, Jewish women and men.

Unlike many other wig salons, we have hundreds of wigs in our store that are available to try on straight away. We want our customers to be able to try before they buy.

Our wigs consist of European hair, Brazilian hair and synthetic hair. The differences between each of these are explained in our articles section of the website. In addition, we have all different types of hair pieces including but not limited to toppers, toupees, bandfalls and hat falls.

We are open Monday to Fridays and out of hours by appointments.

We pride ourselves in our good quality wigs, professional and approachable salon specialists and great customer service. A heart-warming article was published in “Best Magazine” by one of our happy customers who lost her hair due to Alopecia. She was ecstatic that we changed her life when she bought wig from our store.

Since this article, we are grateful for the touching, positive testimonials we have received from our customers, most of whom have returned to our store to purchase more wigs.

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